Building Energy Dashboards

Research poster (.pdf)

Energy Information Visualization” of the EEB  Hub Project, information architecture and framework for implementing customized dashboards for various stakeholders in the EEB Hub and parties involved in AER projects are being developed. The plan and documentation of the energy related dashboards are being developed for the Building 101 and Building 661 in the Navy Yard. The use cases of the energy related dashboards are being defined, prioritized according to the requirements and implemented in a prototype. This work plan directly contributes to the EEB Hub’s overall goal which is to decrease energy consumption 20% by 2020 by informing decision makers, occupants and public.

Publications related to this project:
  1. Kumaraswamy, V., Ergan, S., and Akinci, B. (2014). “A taxonomy for building energy dashboards”, Proceedings of International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering ICCCBE/CIB W078, June 23-25, 2014, Florida, USA, pp. 2192-2199. DOI: