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Abigail Dy, Help Desk Manager, 646.997.3933
Amit Biswas, LINUX System Administrator, 646.997.3023
Anup Ved, Network Administrator, 646.997.3155
Bo Jiang, NYU ID Card / UNIX System Administrator, 646.997.3265
Hani Basilious, Technical Director, 646.997.3997
Hans Huang, PeopleSoft / ERP Analyst / EMS Administrator, 646.997.4001
Hasnain Waris, LINUX System Administrator, 646.997.3082
llya Rubenov, IT Engineer, 646.997.3232
Julio Rivera, Senior LINUX System Administrator, 646.997.3214
Mike Huang, System Administrator, 646.997.3812
Oswaldo Hernandez, Network and Telecom Manager, 646.997.3573
Stephen Zeng, Desktop Technician, 646.997.3998
Tom Schmidt, Chief Information Officer, 646.997.3309

Student Staff

Adnan Mutee, Help Desk Assistant
Aaron Heron, Lab Assistant
Kenneth Rosario, Lab Assistant
Kimilya Spaulding, Lab Assistant
Michael Hall, Lab Assistant
Nelson Belliard, Lab Assistant
Graeme G Ferguson, Laptop Help Desk Assistant
Maciej Becz, Laptop Help Desk Assistant
Mohammad Abdul Qadir, Laptop Help Desk Assistant
Reece Rodriguez, Laptop Help Desk Assistant