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The global layer of cyber-information is continually becoming denser, thicker, and “dirtier” with information from more and more sources that are often in inconsistent and sometimes incompatible formats. As a result, there is a need to better understand the “geography” of the information, so that it can be mapped, ultimately permitting intelligent searches and data visualization. Intelligent interfaces must be created that will allow users to instantly retrieve reliable information from multiple sources and formats. Because users will have broader access to information, computers will need to be more agile at finding information, and systems will need to be secure in order to protect privacy and prevent the compromise of information. This broad research area includes NYU university-wide activities in data science, statistics and biostatistics, and broadband communication with a special emphasis on wireless, digital media, video, gaming, big data, and cybersecurity.

In these research efforts NYU School of Engineering faculty collaborate with their colleagues from NYU Computer Science, NYU Steinhardt, NYU Stern, and NYU Tisch.