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The mission of NYU School of Engineering's bioengineering program is to provide excellence in education and training, and to facilitate research leading to the discovery and development of new rationally-engineered materials, devices, technology, and biomolecular agents for medicine. Success in this endeavor requires close collaboration with the medical and dental schools of NYU, as well as all other schools of NYU's Global Network University.

NYU School of Engineering bioengineering provides advances to address medical problems via multiple cross-disciplinary teams of engineers and scientists. The group for biomaterials and biotherapeutics for regenerative medicine includes chemical and biomolecular engineers, as well as mechanical engineers. A team for invention and development of novel medical diagnostics and biosensors includes groups from applied physics, chemical and biomolecular engineering, and electrical engineering. Mechanical and electrical engineers and computer scientists study bio-inspired design and complex mathematical modeling of biological systems. Teams for medical monitoring, medical imaging and data analysis and visualization are based in electrical and computer engineering, and in computer science and engineering.

Biomatrix Research Center

The mission of the Biomatrix Research Center is to conduct and support basic and translational science that leads to a better understanding of the physical and biological properties of the extracellular matrix, biomatrix and its interactions with cells and tissues. In conjunction with this directive, knowledge gained will be used in the discovery of novel diagnostic, prognostic tests, and therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of disease.

Cross-disciplinary Research Programs