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Ramesh   Karri

Ramesh Karri

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering


  1. SIGDA Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award for J. Rajendran' Ph.D. Design of Trustworthy Integrated Circuits, 2017
  2. NSF CAREER for J. Rajendran, 2017
  3. Manufacturing and Security Challenges in 3D Printing by S. Zeltmann, N. Gupta, N. Tsoutsos, M. Maniatakos, J. Rajendran and R Karri published in the Springer Journal of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (JOM) stood out as the number one cited, downloaded, and shared article in 2016  in Engineering from amongst all 245 engineering journals in Springer' portfolio.
  4. IEEE/ACM DAC Excom Member Security Initiative at DAC, 2015-2017
  5. Best paper candidate IEEE ICCD, Deep Packet Field Extraction Engine (DPFEE): A pre-processor for Network Intrusion Detection and Denial-of-Service Detection Systems. 2015
  6. Best paper candidate IEEE DFTS, On enhancing the debug architecture of a system-on-chip (SoC) to detect software attacks, 2015.
  7. M. Rostami, F. Koushanfar, R. Karri: A Primer on Hardware Security: Models, Methods, and Metrics. Proceedings of the IEEE 102(8): 1283-1295, 2014 is the fourth most downloaded paper in the Proceedings of IEEE in December 2014.
  8. 2014 IEEE International Test Conference Significant Paper Award for  "Scan based side channel attack on dedicated hardware implementations of data encryption standard" published in IEEE International Test Conference 2004.
  9. Best student paper award at ACM CC 2013, Security Assessment of IC Camouflaging
  10. IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Visitor, 2013-2015.
  11. Alvin Wei, Stuyvesant High School, was a semifinalist in Intel Science Talent Search competition for pre-college students, 2014.
  12. Best Student Paper Award (Second Place) IEEE Symposium on Defect and Fault
    Tolerance in VLSI and Nanotechnology Systems, 2013.
  13. J. Rajendran was awarded the Myron M. Rosenthal Award for Best MS Academic Achievement in ECE Department, NYU-Poly, 2011
  14. 2011, J. Rajendran, H. Manem, R. Karri and G.S. Rose, An Approach to Tolerate Process Related Variations in Memristor-based Applications, published in the Proceedings of IEEE Symposium on VLSI Design, Jan. 2011 won the Best Student Paper Award.
  15. 2009, Doctoral dissertation of B. Yang entitled "Secure Hardware Design and Test" was awarded the 3rd prize in the IEEE Test Technology Technical Council dissertation contest. This thesis was also a runner up for the Hessel award for the best dissertation by the ECE Department, NYU-Poly. Although, there is no official award for the runner up.
  16. 2004, Doctoral dissertation of K. Wu (Assistant Professor of ECE, University of Illinois, Chicago) entitled "On Dependable and Secure Hardware Design" was adjudged the European Design and Automation Association Outstanding Dissertation Award in the "New directions in circuit and system test" category for the year 2004.
  17. 2004, Doctoral dissertation of K. Wu (Assistant Professor of ECE, University of Illinois, Chicago) entitled "On Dependable and Secure Hardware Design" was adjudged the best dissertation by the ECE Department, NYU-Poly and received the Hessel award.
  18. 2004, B. Yang, Winner of the third prize in the IEEE/ACM Design Automation Conference and IEEE International Symposium on Solid State Circuits Student Design Contest.
  19. 2003-2004, IEEE/ACM Design Automation Conference Graduate Scholarship for my graduate students Kaijie Wu and Piyush Mishra.
  20. 2002, Alexander Von Humboldt Fellowship, Germany, (Institut for Informatik, University of Potsdam).
  21. 1997, NSF CAREER award