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Kristen Day

Kristen Day

Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Administration

Technology, Culture and Society

  • Phone: (646) 997–3392
  • Office: Room 1942, 19th floor, 1 Metrotech Center; Brooklyn NY
  • CV/Resume: Day CV.pdf


My research and teaching explore issues of health and well being in urban environments, with a focus on social justice.  I am active in research on planning and design for physical activity.  My current research examines features of urban environments that are associated with decreased physical activity and increased obesity and behavioral responses to air pollution in rapidly growing cities in China.

Journal Articles

Duncan, D.T., Méline, J., Kestens, J., Day, K., Elbel, B., Trasande, L., & Chaix, B. (2016). Walk score, transportation mode choice, and walking among French adults: A GPS, accelerometer, and mobility survey study, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 13, 611.

Day, K. (2016).  Built environmental correlates of physical activity in China: A review, Preventive Medicine Reviews, 3, 303–316.

Day, K., Loh, L., Ruff, R., Rosenblum, R., Fischer, S. & Lee, K. (2015).  Does bus rapid transit promote walking?  An examination of New York City’s Select Bus Service, Journal of Physical Activity and Health.

Alfonzo, M., Guo, Z., Lin, L. & Day, K. (2014).  Walking, obesity and urban design in Chinese neighborhoods, Preventive Medicine.

Duncan, D. T., Regan, S. D., Shelley, D., Day, K., Ruff, R.R., Al-Bayan, M., & Elbel, B. (2014). Using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) methods to study the spatial contexts of obesity and hypertension risk among low-income housing residences in New York City:  A feasibility study.  Geospatial Health, 9(1), 57-70.

Day, K., Alfonzo, M., Chen, Y., Guo, Z. & Lee, K. (2013).  Overweight, obesity, and inactivity and urban design in rapidly growing Chinese cities.  Health & Place.

Day, K., Alfonzo, M., Guo, Z. & Lin, L. (2013). Design of tall buildings and tall building districts to promote physical activity in China. CTBUH Journal, 4, 18–25.

Boarnet, M.G., Forsyth, A., Day, K. & Oakes, J. M. (2011). The street level built environment and physical activity and walking:  Results of a predictive validity study for the Irvine Minnesota Inventory.  Environment & Behavior.

Garde, A., Saphores, J.D., Matthew, R. & Day, K.  (2010). Sustainable neighbourhood development:  Insights from Southern California, Environment and Planning B:  Planning and Design, 37, 387–407.

Other Publications

Recent book chapters:

Day, K., Becerra, V., Ruiz, V. L. & Powe, M. (2012). New ways of learning, knowing, and working: Diversifying graduate student career options through community engagement.  In C. Cramer, C. Martin, A. Gilvin & G. Roberts (Eds.), Engaged scholarship. Syracuse, NY:  Syracuse University Graduate School Press and Imagining America's PAGE  Program.

Day, K. (2011).  Feminist approaches to urban design.  In T. Banerjee & A. Loukaitou-Sideris (Eds.), Urban design: Roots, influences, and trends.  Companion to urban design.  Routledge, UK.



University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Ph.D. Architecture (Environment-Behavior Studies),

Authored + Edited Books

Cohen, U. & Day, K. (1993). Contemporary environments for people with dementia.  Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Research Interests

Urban design and behavior

Design and planning for physical activity

Social justice in urban environments