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Transfer Policy

Students may transfer a limited number of credits to meet the requirements for a master’s or doctoral degree at Tandon School of Engineering if the graduate courses are:

  1. consistent with Tandon’s residency requirements,
  2. completed with grades B or better,
  3. from accredited institutions,
  4. consistent with the curriculum in which the student is registered,
  5. taken after receipt of a bachelor’s degree (with the exception of Tandon’s undergraduate students; see below).

The student’s major academic department evaluates graduate transfer credits. Credits submitted for transfer are subject to the rules and regulations regarding period of validity, discussed in a subsequent section. 
No transfer credit is permitted for graduate certificates. The exception is for the School of Engineering MS alumni who may be allowed to count some graduate course credit from their degrees earned here towards a Graduate Certificate, should they wish to re-enroll in the School of Engineering after graduation. Such credit would be subject to approval by the Certificate Program’s academic adviser. A minimum of 9 new credits must be taken to earn a Certificate under these circumstances.

Grades for transferred credits or courses are not recorded and do not affect the GPA for the graduate program at Tandon.

MS or ME students may transfer up to 9 credits. No project, thesis, dissertation or guided studies/readings courses can be transferred.

PhD students may transfer up to 48 credits of course work. Transfer credits for the PhD can include a 30-credit blanket transfer for a prior MS degree and additional courses not included in the prior MS that may be transferred individually. For the blanket 30-credit transfer, the prior MS need not be a 30-credit MS, so long as a MS degree (or equivalent) was granted and a copy of the degree and detailed transcripts are presented. Additional courses individually transferred cannot include project, thesis, dissertation, guided studies or readings, or special topics credits.

Graduate courses taken at the School of Engineering while students pursued an undergraduate degree at the School of Engineering may be applied subsequently to a graduate degree, provided that they earned a B grade or better and that the individual courses were not used to fulfill requirements for an undergraduate degree at Tandon. Such courses are also subject to the 9-credit maximum transfer limitation for the MS degree and the grades are not figured into the cumulative GPA for the graduate program. The policy includes exceptions for students enrolled in a joint BS/MS program with a study plan pre-approved by an academic adviser.

Period of Validity

More than undergraduate, graduate courses reflect the current state of the art in their respective fields. Thus, all courses taken more than 10 years before a request date for the transfer of credits are ineligible to be transferred individually to Tandon by the routine transfer process. The exceptions are approved articulations and administrative actions. The blanket 30-credit transfer into the PhD program for a MS degree taken at the School of Engineering or elsewhere is exempt from this period of validity and does not expire.

Transfer Credit Request for MS and PhD Graduate Students

This form is to be used by graduate (MS and PhD) students wishing to transfer credits from another institution to satisfy degree requirements at the School of Engineering. The requested transfer credits must have been completed prior to being admitted to the School of Engineering. After obtaining all required approvals, the student must submit the form with a copy of the unofficial transcript to Prof. Jose Ulerio located in RH412A or the Office of the Associate Provost for Graduate Academics located in JAB158.