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Professor Tapiero launches Risk and Decision Analysis journal

Charles S. Tapiero
Charles S. Tapiero, Distinguished Professor of Financial Engineering and Management of Technology; Morton L. Topfer Endowed Chair

During the unfolding U.S. and global financial crisis, “risk” has become a four-letter word, often accompanied by terms like “excessive,” “poorly managed,” or “underestimated.” Those characterizations may be correct in the context of today’s current financial landscape. But risk doesn’t always have to be disastrous.

Whether it brings great rewards or great losses, risk is an unavoidable factor in the decisions professionals from the worlds of finance to marketing make every day.

Polytechnic Institute of NYU’s Charles S. Tapiero, Distinguished Professor of Financial Engineering and Management of Technology and Morton L. Topfer Endowed Chair, recently launched the journal Risk and Decision Analysis, which examines risk’s many forms (financial, environmental, industrial, safety, security, health care, etc.) and the role they play on decision-making.

Professor Tapiero and his co-editor in chief, Alain Bensoussan, Distinguished Research Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, School of Management, and Director, International Center for Decision and Risk Analysis, created the journal to give theorists and practitioners from a range of disciplines a space to present, learn about, and debate issues related to risk and decision analysis.

“There is much to gain from a journal that will emphasize the convergence and synergy of risk across the disciplines,” explained Professor Tapiero. “Providing points of view from academia and industry will also help Risk and Decision Analysis bridge the gap between theory and practice.”

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