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About Us

The School of Engineering's Center for K-12 STEM Education seeks to extend the reach of the university’s high-quality programs by both building on success and leading new projects and initiatives.

In our K-12 STEM education programs, the School of Engineering faculty, students and administrators align our work in classrooms with articulated science and math learning standards, the new Common Core standards and emerging standards in engineering, technology and other disciplines. We engage teachers directly in programs and remain attentive to the learning objectives of the schools and students that participate in our initiatives.

Have an idea for a collaboration or innovation in K-12 STEM education that supports students and/or teachers? Are you a teacher or principal interested in working with Center? Email us at:

Meet the Team

Ben  Esner
Magued  Iskander
Dr. Vikram   Kapila

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The School of Engineering Center for K12 STEM Education
6 MetroTech Center
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Chemical and Biological Engineering

Jin Ryoun Kim
Rastislav   Levicky
Jin Kim Montclare

Civil and Urban Engineering

Masoud   Ghandehari
Magued  Iskander

Computer Science and Engineering

Justin  Cappos
Phyllis   Frankl
Nasir   Memon

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ramesh   Karri
Shivendra   Panwar

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Alesha B Castillo
Weiqiang  Chen
Nikhil   Gupta
Dr. Vikram   Kapila
Joo  H. Kim
Maurizio   Porfiri

Technology Management and Innovation

Oded   Nov

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