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2015-2016 Winners


1st Place: Elements Digital Health

2nd Place: Acculis

3rd Place: Fit A.I



Elements Digital Health

The PocDoc, the Swiss army knife of medical devices, is a low-cost, high-impact Internet-enabled diagnostic tool consisting of an infrared temperature sensor and an electrode-based ECG/EDA/EMG sensor.

Team: Rahul Kumar, Archit Vijoy, Christopher Neophytou, Kunal Kamle


Seamlessly integrates smart technology into the construction process to instantly connect on-site work to management

Team: Darren Yee, Chris Lysiuk, Nick Molinsky, Ada Slusarczyk

Fit A.I

Sports tech hardware that empowers collegiate coaches and athletes to record and analyze strength training data, creating a new frontier to minimize injuries and optimize athletic performance

Team: Tim Nugmanov, Kyle Brubaker, Seda Bilagolu, Ross Freeman, Gulnoza Mansur