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New Facilities and Renovations

Student Health Center

The new Brooklyn satellite of NYU’s Student Health Center, located on the lower level of Rogers Hall (ROG-B020), offers primary care and counseling services to NYU students in the borough. The 3,800-square foot center features a generously sized waiting room, a nursing station with a view of the waiting area, six exam rooms furnished with state-of-the-art medical devices and equipment, and offices for consultations and counseling sessions. Wood floors, a sculptural white accent wall, and ample lighting create a bright and inviting atmosphere. An electronic health records system ensures that patient charts can be accessed in both Brooklyn and Washington Square locations for seamless care.  

NYU StudentLink Center

In the Dibner Building, the NYU StudentLink Center opened its doors on the second floor (LC201). Conceived as a “one-stop-shop” designed to address students’ questions about registration, billing, housing, and financial aid in a single, convenient location, the StudentLink Center features a welcoming wooden service desk. Because of a sophisticated queuing system that alleviates the need to stand in line, the space is filled with contemporary seating, in pops of orange, where students can relax, read, or study while they wait. 

Center for K12 STEM Education

The Center for K12 STEM Education, located on the lower level of Rogers Hall (ROG-B053), designs and delivers high quality and innovative teaching and learning programs for students and educators in the STEM disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The center’s new 2,000-square foot space facilitates an environment of collaboration and innovation, with workstations pushed to the perimeter of the room and large, central tables where 10th graders build robots, middle school students create a functioning thermostat, and educators exchange ideas. 

Athletics Physical Fitness Room

The Brooklyn Athletic Facility has been expanded with the addition of a new 4,360-square foot Physical Fitness Room on the lower level of Rogers Hall (ROG-B001). Outfitted with brand-new weight training and conditioning equipment, the room is flooded with natural light from a bank of windows, and features strong design elements like pastel violet walls and a wide-striped floor of charcoal and heather gray. The old fitness room, also on the lower level, has been repurposed as an Aerobic Fitness Room. 

Wunsch Hall

An exhaustive renovation of historic Wunsch Hall created a permanent home for the Brooklyn office of the Wasserman Center for Career Development, as well as optimized spaces for Graduate Admissions and Undergraduate Admissions. The Wasserman Center occupies the first floor and features a business center equipped with computer workstations, where students may update résumés and search for jobs; four interview rooms, that allow employers to meet with students in a convenient and familiar location; and staff and career counselor offices. A wall of fifteen clocks displays the time at NYU satellites across the globe, a signature design element borrowed from Wasserman Center's main office in Manhattan.

Graduate Admissions and Undergraduate Admissions share space on the remaining two floors. Offices and an admissions processing center take up the Garden Level, and a generously sized, reconfigurable event space — flanked by offices and a conference room that seats 24 — forms the centerpiece of the third floor. Contemporary furnishings, unexpected materials, and large-scale photographs of the borough's iconic places lining the walls lend color, interest, and a decidedly Brooklyn character to the space.

Faculty Lab Renovations

A combined total of nearly 12,000 square feet in Rogers Hall has been renovated to create state-of-the-art research facilities. The new facilities primarily support two core, and growing, academic departments: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE). The new laboratories for CBE occupy 8,000 square feet on the 8th floor, adjacent to the Institute for Engineered Interfaces (IEI labs), which opened in 2013. Additionally, a new Class 10,000 Clean Room, measuring 2,000 square feet in area, was constructed on the 8th floor. For the MAE department, a 1,900-square foot research suite on the 6th floor supports wet lab services and equipment not traditionally required in mechanical engineering labs.


The MakerSpace is a new is a collaborative workspace and lab that provides even greater opportunities for students and faculty to engage in innovative and entrepreneurial activities. The space, located on the ground floor of Rogers Hall, highlights new kinds of iterative, interdisciplinary teamwork using new tools of rapid prototyping and digitally driven production.In addition to numerous 3D printers, laser cutters, vacuum formers, and soldering stations, the bi-level, 10,000-square-foot space includes several pieces of equipment that students do not typically access unless they are in specialized graduate laboratories.

Dibner Library 

Following up a successful renovation of the Bern Dibner Library’s 3rd floor, the building’s 4th floor has been remodeled to expand the Technology Management department by 1,150 square feet. New group study rooms in the library were constructed in time for the spring 2016 semester. In the meantime, improvements to the library commons on the floor have begun with the removal of some of the stacks to create additional space for reading and studying, and the installation of new carpet.