Letter from the President

Dear Alumni and Friends,

This has been a banner year for our school. We graduated some 1,800 outstanding students (B.S., M.S. and Ph.D.). They are the first to graduate under the NYU banner; for NYU, this is the first batch of engineering graduates since 1973. Although the NYU merger has led to an impressive array of possibilities for our students and professors— including new cross-disciplinary research opportunities and increased chances to study abroad—we have had many in- dependent reasons for excitement and pride over the last several months.

The MetroTech Commons welcomed MAGNET in the first part of 2014. The event seals a multi-school collaboration be- tween faculty from across the university and the NYU School of Engineering, and is the evidence that Downtown Brooklyn is becoming one of the nation’s epicenters for game study and design. We are equally proud of our newest incubator, the Ur- ban Future Lab, whose tenant companies are working towards a cleaner, more sustainable future, and our recently opened Institute for Engineered Interfaces.

The MetroTech Center has also been the site of multiple seminars and conferences, many of which have drawn industry experts and academicians from all over the world. In May, for example, the first-ever Brooklyn 5G Summit, organized in part by the NYU WIRELESS Research Center and Professor Ted Rappaport, was held here to explore the future of 5G wireless technology. That same month, mathematicians and math aficionados gathered for a conference organized by Distinguished Industry Professors David and Gregory Chudnovsky to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Albrecht Dürer’s famed etching Melancholia I, which contains mathematical puzzles that still fascinate today.

Professors Ulman, Rappaport, and David and Gregory Chudnovsky, all of whom are featured later in this issue, are just a few of our many faculty members making an impact in their respective fields. It would take far more space than this to name them all and state their accomplishments. Indeed, simply listing the books and papers they have published, fellow- ships and grants they have won, and research they have completed would need several issues of Cable. I hope, therefore, that you will read and enjoy not only the volume you hold in your hands, but the subsequent ones that you receive.

I know you take pride in your alma mater, and we are working to ensure that you will always have reason for that pride. If you studied in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, you’ll be proud that Professor Elza Erkip is serving as a guest editor for the IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC), and I hope you look for her issue in autumn 2014. If you were in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering—or if you are simply a baseball fan— you’ll be glad to hear that Professor Claudio Silva is devising a system of data analytics that will allow for complete and reliable measurement of every play on the field.

I concede that no letter like this or an alumni magazine like Cable will ever convey the scope and magnitude of everything going on here. I invite you to visit and see for yourselves. Your former teachers will be delighted to see you, as will I.

Until then, I wish you continued happiness, good health, and success.


Katepalli Sreenivasan