Beyond Your Basic Benefits

Our alumni know that belonging to the Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association (PIAA) has had its rewards

We hope that you are already sampling:

  • A variety of alumni events
Career services
  • Discounts on theater tickets, restaurants and more
  • Great publications like Cable

  • Great rates on car and home insurance

  • Group health and life insurance

  • Opportunities for continuing education

We’re proud to have been able to offer all this, and now, we have even more reason to be proud, because as members of the NYU alumni family, you are eligible to enjoy a host of other great benefits! Brian Perillo, Associate Vice President of Alumni Relations at NYU, says, “Benefits and Services are an important part of how we connect with our alumni. Being able to offer them special access and useful discounts is our way of letting the alumni know they are a valued, important part of our NYU community, even long after they graduate.”

Now take advantage of:

  • Even more great discounts and entertainment options

  • Access to NYU clubs, libraries, and other facilities
  • Affordable memberships to well-equipped gyms
  • Exciting travel opportunities that will show you why NYU is considered a Global Network University

Be sure to visit for more info on all the benefits available to you, including a lifetime NYU email; hotel and rental car discounts; access to NYU’s e-Library; and more. It’s fun and beneficial to be a part of the NYU alumni family. Enjoy!

For more information or questions about alumni matters, contact Valerie Cabral, Director of Alumni Relations, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering at For specific questions regarding your alumni benefits and services, feel free to contact the NYU Office of Alumni Relations at, or call (212) 998-6912.