In Memory of Neil Armstrong, U.S. Astronaut, 1930-2012

We worked with Neil Armstrong, U.S. astronaut, and fellow crewmen Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins for almost seven years at the NASA resident office for Project Apollo at the Grumman Aerospace Corp., designing, building and testing the Lunar Module (LM).

The LM was the first and only manned spaceship to land men on the moon. Neil was a gentleman, a U.S. Navy combat pilot, a test pilot of advanced aircraft design, a great technician and engineer, a professor, an Astronaut and a patriot. He served the United States well during the dark days of the Korean War and the Cold War, when we competed with Soviet communism for supremacy in space, and we won, technically, economically and politically. Neil will be greatly missed by his family, friends, NASA, supplier contractors, Grumman, coworkers and other astronauts. The Eagle has landed. Goodbye, Neil, and God speed on your next journey.

Submitted by five Poly aerospace engineers:

  • Robert Zuckerman, Structures and Dynamics
  • Anthony Liccardi, Manager
  • Walter Gaylor, Chief Engineer
  • Frederick A. Zito, Guidance and Navigation
  • Robert Newlander, Project Engineer