Louis J. Esposito '53

Louis J. Esposito Jr. was 80 when he passed away on May 30, 2012. It's just a number of years in a life fully lived. He never forgot his Brooklyn roots, his East Coast upbringing, his military service or his transplanted home in the Midwest, where he always appreciated the decency of people.  His Italian/Irish heritage was apparent by his love of good food, good wine, good conversation and sense of humor. He liked living, and he knew how to live life. Lou graduated in 1953 from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, New York, with a degree in mechanical engineering. As a member of R.O.T.C., he held his duty and responsibility high. His service in the U.S. Army was, he said, some of the happiest times of his life. He was an astute businessman, well respected by his customers and built two companies here in northeast Ohio, SPEC Industries and L.J. & Associates over more than three decades. Lou was loyal to his family. For nearly two decades he made it a point to spend time with his sister Dorothy despite distance and the health conditions that took her from us. He kept his father close, and served as more than just an obedient son in the twilight of the elder's life. He encouraged self sufficiency and independence in his children and their achievements are credited to the character and guidance that he provided to them. As a family man, he passed on his love for knowledge, travel, art and history to the next generation - his grandchildren, nieces and nephews and throughout his extended family. Married for 23 years to his devoted wife Pat, together they enjoyed travel, good music, and the company of many old and new friends. They shared the best life has to offer.