• Bharat Rao

    Bharat Rao

    Department Head, Technology Management, presented a paper titled “A Comparison of Digital Innovation Ecosystems,” with co-author Bertha Jimenez, currently a PhD student in the department, at the Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology in Portland, Oregon. 

  • Stephen Arnold

    Stephen Arnold

    University Professor of Physics and Chemistry, and Thomas Potts Professor of Physics, gave invited lectures at Columbia University, Boston College and McGill University on the role Isaac Asimov had on his mentoring approach and in inspiring the development of a sensor that could detect individual virus particles in fluids. 

  • Jin Kim Montclare

    Jin Kim Montclare

    Assistant professor, Chemical and Biological Sciences, and Peter James Baker, a graduate student, published a research paper on “Enhanced Refoldability and Thermoactivity of Fluorinated Phosphotriesterase” in ChemBioChem. 

  • Zhong-Ping Jiang

    Zhong-Ping Jiang

    Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, will deliver the keynote address at the Sixth Annual IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications in Beijing, China in June. 

  • Kurt Becker

    Kurt Becker

    Associate Provost for Research and Technology Initiatives and Professor of Physics, was interviewed by Larry Greenemeier for Scientific American on the airline industry’s attempts to thwart terrorist attacks. He also served as guest editor, along with Holger Kersten, Jeff Hopwood and José Lopez, for a special issue on microplasmas for the European Physical Journal D. 

  • Sung Whang

    Sung Whang

    Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, wrote the introduction and edited the book, Nanostructured Metals and Alloys: Processing, Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Applications, which was published in February. 

  • Louis Menashe

    Louis Menashe

    Professor Emeritus, has garnered high praise from authors and academicians alike for his latest book, Moscow Believes in Tears, for its scintillating discussion of Russian culture and cinema over the last 25 years. 

  • Kalle Levon

    Kalle Levon

    Professor, Chemical and Biological Sciences, was featured in an article in FiDiPro on developing biosensors. Levon was featured as the resident guest lecturer in the 2010 Finland Distinguished Professor Programme. 

  • Bharat Rao

    Bharat Rao

    Head, Technology Management, will serve as an area editor on the editorial board of the International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, published by World Scientific Publishing.

  • Eli Pearce

    Eli Pearce

    University Research Professor, Chemical and Biological Sciences, has joined the Scientific Committee of the Polymers for Advanced Technologies Conference, which will be held in October in Lodz, Poland.