Charles Tapiero

Professor Charles Tapiero of the Financial and Risk Engineering Department recently received a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, which supported a series of mini-courses featuring scholars from around the globe. Guest lecturers included Dominique Guegan of the University of Paris 1/Pantheon-Sorbonne, Sergio Bianchi of the University of Cassino, and Iddo Eliazar of Israel’s Holon Institute of Technology. Topics explored included the Econophysics of Wealth and Size—which focused on a novel branch of physics that quantitatively researches the complex behaviors of socioeconomics systems— and Banking Regulation.

And in September 2013 Springer Publishing released Models and Methods in Economics and Management Science: Essays in Honor of Charles S. Tapiero, compiled in recognition
of Financial and Risk Engineering Department Head Charles Tapiero’s pioneering contributions to his field. These include, according the editors, “the use of graph theory in the behavioral sciences, the modeling of advertising as a random walk, the resolution
of stochastic zero-sum differential games, the modeling of quality control
as a stochastic competitive game, and the development of impulsive control methods in management.”