Yi-Chen Chiang

Yi-Chen Chiang, associate professor, Computer Science and Engineering, was awarded a three-year, $300,000 grant from the Department of Energy for his collaborative research project, “An Information-Theoretic Framework for Enabling Extreme-Scale Science Discovery.” Co-collaborators are Ohio State University and the Argonne National Laboratory, and the total amount of the grant is $1.2M.

The research aims at effectively and efficiently managing, analyzing and visualizing extremely large scientific data, which would enable new scientific discoveries by developing an information-theoretic framework and computer visualization algorithms to automatically identify the salient features embedded in the data; explore/visualize the portions of the data in the order of their saliency/importance; and provide a theoretical guarantee on how much information of the data has been conveyed and visualized during the data exploration/visualization process.

Along with Professor John Qualter of the NYU Medical School, he received a $30,000 NYU-Poly seed grant to study “The Development of Real-time Optimization Algorithm for Medical Visualization.”