Justin Cappos

Dr. Justin Cappos joins the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at NYU-Poly as an Assistant Professor. Professor Cappos’ research interests are in the areas of cyber security, distributed systems, computer networks, programming languages and operating systems. In particular, Dr. Cappos’ research focuses on building and securing computer systems and whenever appropriate, uses extensive live deployments to validate their practicality in real settings. His work targets problems that impact millions of users or mitigates issues with emerging technologies.

Previously, Dr. Cappos served as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the University of Washington where he has led the Seattle project, a secure peer-to-peer/cloud facility. His work on Seattle is notable in that it has been used extensively, including deployment on over four thousand end-hosts and to date, has been used as a teaching platform by instructors at over a dozen academic institutions. Seattle continues to be actively used by researchers interested in building large-scale distributed and peer-to-peer systems.

Professor Cappos earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Arizona. He is well-known for his doctoral work at the University of Arizona on Stork, a widely-used software installation utility for cloud environments. Improvements pioneered in Stork have been incorporated by the majority of Linux systems on the Internet.

Dr. Cappos is a veteran of the US Army, having served in Qatar during the Iraq war.