Juliana Freire

Dr. Juliana Freire  joins the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at NYU-Poly as Professor.

Previously at the University of Utah, Dr. Freire served as a faculty member at the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute and an Associate Professor at the School of Computing. She has also held a faculty position at the Oregon Health & Science University, and also served as a member of the Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories (Lucent Technologies). Dr. Freire is currently Guest Professor at Linköping University in Sweden.

An important theme in her research is the development of data management technology to address new problems introduced by emerging applications, including the Web and scientific applications. Her current research involves the understanding, integration and management of large-scale data. Within scientific data management, she is best known for her work in provenance, scientific workflows and visualization, and for co-creating the open-source VisTrails system. Besides its scientific impact, this work has also led to the creation of VisTrails, Inc., a start-up company she co-founded. In Web mining, Dr. Freire’s research has spanned several topics, including focused crawling, document clustering, deep-Web information discovery and retrieval, information extraction and integration. Her group created DeepPeep.org, a search engine specialized in forms that serve as entry points to deep Web sites, which was featured in the New York Times.

Dr. Freire has co-authored over 100 publications, served on over 60 international program committees, four editorial boards, and chaired or organized major conferences, including the International World-Wide Web Conference (WWW). She has received best-paper awards at Eurographics 2010 and IEEE Visualization Conference 2007, and a Best-Paper runner-up at WWW 2001.

Dr. Freire is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including an NSF CAREER and an IBM Faculty Award. Her research has been funded through grants, contracts and gifts from major research funding agencies including NSF, DOE, NIH, as well as major corporations such as IBM, Yahoo! and Microsoft.

Dr. Freire received her Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and a B.S. in Computer Science from the Federal University of Ceara (Brazil).