Zhaoxia Xu

Zhaoxia Xu has been appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Finance and Risk Engineering . Most recently, Dr. Xu worked in the research division of the Central Bank of Canada as a Senior Economist.

Dr. Xu earned her Ph.D. from the Department of Finance at the University of Toronto. Her research interests are concerned with corporate finance and governance with a specific focus on firms' financial decisions and their interface with financial markets and institutions. In particular, Dr. Xu's work consists of two main themes which explore the fundamental problems in corporate finance: 1) testing competing capital structures theories and identifying factors that determine firms' capital structure decisions and 2) investigating the impact of market frictions in the financial system on firms' financial decisions.

Dr. Xu's research has contributed to the identification of elements that define firms' financial policies. Her regulatory experience is an increasingly important facet in finance literature and will bring value not only to the department's educational program, but also to NYU and NYU-Poly's broader efforts.