Jacqueline Brannon Giles

Getting to know... Jacqueline Brannon Giles, Professor of Mathematics, HCC Central
Years at HCC: 24+ years
Doctoral Studies, Mathematics, Texas A & M University - College Station
Further Studies: Masters of Divinity, 30 hours completed, Houston Graduate School of Theology
Texas Education Agency (TEA) Certifications: Mathematics and English. Lifetime certification
B. A., Mathematics, Texas Southern University; Minor: English
M.A., Secondary Education, emphasis in Mathematics, Texas Southern University
B. S., Applied Mathematics, New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering
M.S., Pure Mathematics, Texas A &M University - College Station

Favorite hobbies: "Writing poetry and sports articles; playing the piano and keyboard; gourmet cooking. My hobbies tend to make me focus on connecting with other people through creativity expressions using language, music and food."
Last book read: "I wrote and re-read my own book, entitled Eight Seconds. After another round of editing, I submitted it to a program, and one of the administrators highly recommended that I apply to attend a seminar at Oxford University in 2014.
Favorite musical style: "I love classical music composed by Bach and Rachmaninoff. The melodies and movement in the music touch my soul and awaken creativity in me."
Favorite food: "I visited Valencia, Spain and sampled paella. Paella is my favorite food, and I love to cook it."
Favorite movie: "Philomena is my favorite movie in 2013-2014. It shows the love of a mother, and her journey to find her son who was taken away from her."
Five guests you'd invited to your dinner party: "If I had a dinner party I would invite several great men and women who I have encountered during my career: Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo; Dr. Maya Angelou, Dr. John B. Coleman, President William Jefferson Clinton and Oprah Winfrey.
1. Obasanjo was elected as a democratic president of Nigeria, and I attended the Inauguration, May 29, 1999.
2. I met Dr. Angelou years ago in New York and was introduced to her by Attorney E. Stearnes.
3. Dr. Coleman served on the Board of Regents at TAMU during my doctoral studies, and he was a wise counsel and mentor during my teaching careers and studies at TAMU.
4. I admire the scholarship of President Clinton, and I was honored to travel with his entourage when he visited Nigeria, Tanzania and Egypt in 2000.
5. Oprah's O magazine published my comment on Kwanzaa. I have studied how she expresses herself, and I am impressed with her accomplishments."
Finish this sentence: Most people don't know that I... "am a grandmother of six beautiful children."
Best part about working at HCC: "The administrative climate at HCC has been supportive. As an instructor, I have been supported in all of my national and international ventures in mathematics and community service."