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  • An Innovative Inno/Vention

    An Innovative Inno/Vention

    If you strolled around the campus over the last few months, you were bound to see posters and screens proclaiming “Thinkers Wanted!” The ad was the brainchild of the organizers of Inno/Vention, an annual challenge to NYU–Poly and NYU students from across the globe to prototype and pitch commercially viable ideas for real-world problems.

  • Preserving the Past

    Preserving the Past

    George Bugliarello’s legacy lives on at the Bern Dibner Library

  • From Russia with Love

    Decades Later, Former Professor Natalie Lipsett Maintains a Deep Fondness for Poly When Natalie Lipsett arrived in America at the age of 19, she had already seen more of the world than many people do in a lifetime. Born in Russia in 1919, she was just two months old when her parents fled the political turmoil there. After a brief stop in Warsaw, they settled in the Free City of Danzig, where Natalie, an only child, was raised in an atmosphere of culture and comfort.

  • Jolly Good Fellows

    Jolly Good Fellows

    Poly alumni John Ponzo

  • Letter from the PIAA President

    Dear Alumni, As we are well into an exciting and productive 2013, we are pleased to highlight our Alumni achievements as we have done for 150 years since our first Alumni reunion in 1863.

  • A Good Friend to Poly

    A Good Friend to Poly

    The Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly) has long been committed to educating financially disadvantaged students, the children of immigrants and others who might be the first in their families ever to attend college.

  • Reaching the Summit

    Reaching the Summit

  • From the Heights to Downtown Brooklyn

    From the Heights to Downtown Brooklyn

    Engineering Alumni Gather at the Torch Club to Reaffirm Their Bonds A biting wind chilled pedestrians making their way down Waverly Place on February 21, but inside the NYU Torch Club, a blazing fire glowed. Alumni from NYU-Poly and NYU Heights who had convened to celebrate National Engineers Week gathered around the hearth to warm themselves, and soon conversations were equally warm.

  • A Tale From Taiwan

    A Tale From Taiwan

    In late October 2012, members of the International Board of Directors of the Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association (PIAA) eagerly approved the formation of the Taiwan Alumni Section, which will serve some 300 Poly grads in that region.

  • Champions of the Arts

    Champions of the Arts

    Asking the average American art lover to name at least one Indian artist might elicit mention of the iconic M.F. Husain, who made headlines in 2008 when one of his paintings sold for $1.6 million at a Christie's auction. Fewer are familiar with Husain’s compatriots—Tyeb Mehta, Ram Kumar, Francis Newton Souza, Bal Chabda, S. H. Raza, Akbar Padamsee, and V. S. Gaitonde—although they are hugely popular in their native country.