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  • Interacting on the Intercoastal

    Interacting on the Intercoastal

    When they took a group of NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering alumni on a Delray Yacht Cruise sightseeing trip down the Intercoastal Waterway in February 2014, the crew on board the Lady Atlantic could not have been more professional or accommodating. The narration was informative and the weather was ideal. The cruise was followed by lunch at 50 Ocean, an elegant restaurant overlooking Delray Beach, where alumni and their guests enjoyed a tasty meal, skillfully prepared and artfully served. But while the group unquestionably appreciated the cruising and dining, its members had also convened for a more serious purpose: to discuss the state of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education in Florida and to brainstorm about ways in which they could help.

  • A Multi-Borough Back-to-School Day

    A Multi-Borough Back-to-School Day

    “About the only thing that still looks the same is the Brooklyn Bridge,” Lawrence Lapson joked. He was just one of the many members of the Golden Jubilee class marveling at the changes undergone by the school— and Brooklyn itself—since they graduated in 1964. Members of Lapson’s class— along with fellow alumni from all decades—gathered on the last weekend in April to rem- inisce, hear an address from Dean Katepalli Sreenivasan, view a presentation on wom- en in engineering, and see the hit Broadway show Jersey Boys. In one respect, that musical may have been an appropriate choice for the Class of ’64, given that it features tunes that many of them remember fondly from their formative years. In another respect, however, this was not a crowd overly nostalgic for New Jersey—their hearts decidedly belonged to Brooklyn.

  • Getting a Job that Floats Your Boat

    Getting a Job that Floats Your Boat

    Within minutes of walking into the Electric Boat Corporation, which had been established in 1899 to build the world’s first practical submarine, the 54-foot-long Holland, Mitchell Shinbrot (’83BSME) knew he had found the place he wanted to work. The company’s bustling shipyard, which he toured during the interview process, seemed like a wonderland to him, and when he was offered a job as an associate engineer, he eagerly accepted.

  • Spotlight on John Wallace, Duryea Society Member

    Spotlight on John Wallace, Duryea Society Member

    Not every eighth-grader would appreciate accompanying his mother on a trip to New York City to see a plain, old office at a college, but when John Wallace came to the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, then known as the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, he room in question had deep meaning for him. It had been dedicated in memory of his father, John, a chemical engineering major who had graduated in 1936. “So the trip was a special one,” he explains. “And not only did I get to meet Donald Othmer [who then held the title Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering], but I got to eat at a Horn & Hardardt’s automat for the first time.”

  • Courting Success

    Courting Success

    It comes as no surprise that Yvonne Fleming (’94EE) is super smart; everyone knows that graduates of the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering are smart. While her intelligence ensured that she would excel in the classroom, it is her athletic prowess and grit that are still remembered here at the school two decades later.

  • Celebrating NYU's Newest Engineering

    Celebrating NYU's Newest Engineering

    Laughter and cheers greeted the rotating display of photos that flashed on the Barclays Center massive screen, as NYU Polytechnic Shool of Engineering's newest graduates recognized themselves and their friends. Accompanying the pictures were answers to the fill-in-the-blank statement “Engineering Is ____,” which ran the gamut from the no-nonsense “rigorous” and “sustainable” to the touching, “the world to me” and “magic”.

  • Brooklyn Bred

    Brooklyn Bred

    To New Yorkers, Brooklyn Tech is known as one of the finest public high schools in the city. Founded in 1922 and dedicated to educating the brightest young minds in the city in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, the school has produced Nobel Prize winners, astronauts, inventors, and countless leaders of industry and commerce.

  • Letter from the PIAA President

    Letter from the PIAA President

    Dear Fellow Alumni, Thank you for your support in electing me President of the Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association (PIAA). It is an honor for me to lead this distinguished and diverse group of more than 33,000 alumni from around the world. I am certain that—like me—you all have many fond memories of your days here, and I know you share my pride in our great alma mater, which continues to be an academic leader at home in New York, in the country, and in the world.

  • Letter from the Dean of Engineering

    Dear Alumni and Friends,

  • Chapter and Verse

    Chapter and Verse

    When the Office of alumni relations joins with the alumni association to host a large event at our school, it can be thrilling to be among the throngs, visiting with scores of classmates and seeing which classrooms and labs have been refurbished since your student days. But it’s not always possible to travel to Brooklyn if you live and work outside of the city, and sometimes it’s nice to be part of a smaller, more intimate group.