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Alumni Spotlight Questionnaire

The Office of Alumni Relations wants to recognize the exciting and innovative things our alumni are doing, here in New York City and around the world. Please take a few moments to complete this short questionnaire about your Polytechnic experience, favorite memories, greatest accomplishments, and current endeavors. The information you provide here may be used on our web site, or in the Digital Cable at the School of Engineering. The Alumni Relations staff reserves the right to edit any submission to meet the design/layout requirements of the web site, magazine, or publication for which it is used for. Final copy will be submitted for your approval prior to being published.

(first, last)

This address will NOT be published with your Alumni Spotlight; it'll just be used for us to communicate with you about your Spotlight.

If you could come back to Polytechnic to teach a class what would you call it?

What was the most valuable lesson — inside or outside the classroom — you learned at Polytechnic?

What is your greatest professional accomplishment?

What makes someone an innovator?

What is your all-time favorite invention? (Doesn’t have to be from Polytechnic)

What invention do you think the 21st century needs the most?

When you think about the future, how do you see NYU-Poly alumni and students helping to shape that future? And, perhaps more specifically, how do you envision Polytechnic affecting Urban Systems, Health and Wellness, and the Global Information Economy?

What advice do you have for students getting ready to graduate during these difficult economic times?

Please upload a high-resolution photo (jpg, gif, or png) that can be included with your published Alumni Spotlight.