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Notice of 2018 Polytechnic Alumni Association Annual Meeting & Elections

Voting has Officially Closed as of  June 13, 2018 12:00PM EDT.         

Should you wish to exercise your vote you can do so at tonight's meeting in person.

The Polytechnic Alumni Association's (“PAA") 2018 Annual Meeting, and the election of five (5) directors to the International Board of Directors, will take place on Thursday, June 14, 2018, beginning at 6:00 p.m. sharp, at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, 1 MetroTech Center, 19th Floor, in the Jacobs - North room, Brooklyn, New York. An informal reception will precede the meeting from 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Light refreshments will be available.

All alumni are invited to attend and vote for (up to) five Directors, who will serve three-year terms, beginning September 1, 2018.

Please let us know if you are planning to attend the election and Annual Meeting by phone or in person by (Registering here)

To those participating in the meeting by phone, kindly note you must submit your proxy ballot no later than 12:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, June 13, 2018. There will be no ability to cast a vote via phone.

PIAA Annual Meeting Minutes - 15 June 2017

PAA Bylaws Revision - 25 November 2017


PAA 2018 Annual Meeting Agenda (Tentative)

  1. Call to Order
  2. Moment of Silence in Memory of Departed Friends
  3. Secretary’s Report
  4. President’s Report
  5. Vice President’s Report
  6. Executive Director’s Report
  7. Election of  Directors and vote on Bylaws changes
  8. Closing Remarks
  9. Adjournment

International Board of Directors (three-year terms):

CHOOSE FIVE out of the seven following candidates:

Israel (Izzy) Borovich, Ph.D., ‘67 ‘68 ‘71 ‘05 (HON)

As a proud alum who earned my bachelor’s (’67) and master’s (‘68) degrees from what was then known as the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, I have long felt fondness and gratitude towards the school. It has been my pleasure to serve in various capacities, including sitting on the management committee for several years and becoming deeply involved in setting up the Information System program.

Now a professor emeritus of Tel Aviv University and a former CEO and chair of El Al Airlines, I have decades of leadership experience in both academia and industry that I would like to use to benefit my alma mater. My goals would be to help the School of Engineering move forward, to further its ethos of innovation and entrepreneurship, and to ensure that its graduates are prepared to enter the modern workforce with all the skills and knowledge they need.

Redwan Hussain ‘14 ‘20

Redwan Hussain graduated from the NYU Tandon School of Engineering in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. During his undergraduate years, Redwan was active in student life in various capacities: as a member of the Men’s Cross Country team, a Teaching Assistant for the General Engineering department, and as Vice President of Academic Success on the NYU Poly Student Council. During his tenure on the Student Council, Redwan piloted both the First-Year Student Mentorship Program and Student Council office hours - both of which are still administered. Redwan also bridged the gap between NYU’s campuses in Brooklyn and Washington Square by establishing relationships with key NYU organizations, including the Student Senator Council and Commuter Student Council. In 2012, Redwan was recognized as one of NYU’s Most Influential Students – the first School of Engineering student to have received this honor – and in 2013, he received the President’s Service Award.

Upon graduation, Redwan joined Con Edison as a Management Associate. He has experience leading operation improvement projects throughout Electric Transmission and Distribution as an engineer and field supervisor. Redwan currently works as a Program Manager aimed at growing the Electric Vehicle and Energy Efficiency businesses.

Redwan has returned to NYU Tandon to pursue a Master of Science in Computer Science. As both a recent alumnus and graduate student, he is leveraging his unique position to engage with other recent alumni and grow the Polytechnic Alumni Association (PAA) membership base. He has taken the initiative to speak with student leaders to understand their expectations from the PAA and how they can remain connected to the PAA after graduation. As a member of the Board, Redwan will add value to the PAA by creating a robust community for recent alumni, expanding networking opportunities, and setting the foundation for future monetary donations.

Norris L. Larrymore, Ph.D. ‘69

Norris L. Larrymore, Ph.D. is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Finance and Risk Engineering at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. He joined the NYU faculty in fall 2013, after a two-year stint as a visiting professor in the Finance and Economics Department at The Tobin College of Business of St. John’s University and a year at Northwestern University as a visiting research scholar through the Zell Center for Risk Research. He has also taught at Grambling State University, Jackson State University, the University of Arkansas, and Quinnipiac University. Dr. Larrymore received his Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Arkansas.  He holds an M.B.A. in Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, an M.S.E.E. from the University of Arkansas, and a B.S.E.E. from New York University Tandon School of Engineering.  Using networks, his current research builds on how differential impacts of weak and robust shocks affect systemic risk in regulated over-the-counter (OTC) derivative markets in the United States and Europe. He has published in The Review of Financial Studies, the Journal of Financial Research, Managerial Finance, the Journal of Multinational Financial Management, and the Commercial Lending Review. His work has been presented at numerous financial seminars and conferences in the United States and abroad.  At NYU, he currently teaches corporate finance and financial markets to undergraduate students. Previously, he has taught derivatives, investments, international finance to undergraduate and graduate-level students.  He has been honored for Outstanding Career Achievement & Social Impact by Wharton African-American MBA Association at Whitney M. Young Conference, Philadelphia in 2007.

Pre-MBA, he was employed as an electrical engineer at Harris Corp.  At Wharton, he majored in finance with an investment concentration.  Post-MBA, he held positions in supply planning and operations management at Exxon and Stone-Smurfit, respectively, before pursuing an academic career.

Norris L. Larrymore, Ph.D. is co-founder and managing director of Dorotheos Capital Partners, Ltd., which through contractual arrangements, assists and develops small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) with financing solutions to scale their activities, including raising capital through organized public exchanges, through private equity funds, venture capital funds, and commercial banks, particularly on the African continent. DCP provides consultancy services, sourcing projects for investors, as well.

Expected Contribution Threefold Global Emphasis:
Global Perspective – Design and propose faculty and student exchange partnering programs globally, particularly in Subsaharan African. For example, he submitted a proposal under the Curricular Development Challenge Fund to lay the groundwork for a bi-directional program for students from NYU and the University of Pretoria to examine the issues unique to large datasets.  

Network Liaison – Motivate the establishment and channeling of online  NYU engineering degrees globally, particularly in Subsaharan Africa. For instance, he has visited and discussed the setup of such a program with the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg.

Leandro R. Maciel Ph.D., ‘93

Starting from a position at AT&T Bell Labs right after obtaining his Ph.D. degree from New York University Tandon School of Engineering (then Polytechnic University) in 1993, Leandro has contributed to many relevant technological transformations in our society over the last 25 years.  The wireless revolution was his starting point; participating in the Personal Communication System (PCS) spectrum definition while working for Pacific Telesis, then being responsible for the design, deployment and optimization of wireless networks in major cities throughout Latin America for AT&T, subsequently Lucent Technologies.  Along the way, Leandro has written papers to better understand the radio channel for mobile communications, most notably, the “Unified Approach to Prediction of Propagation over Buildings for All ranges of Base Station Antenna Height,” which received the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society's 1993 Neal Shepherd Award best paper.

From the wireless data revolution to the current network virtualization process and the IoT envisioned growth, Leandro expanded his areas of responsibility and managed large groups of engineers, deploying and providing technical support to systems such as OSS/BSS, IPTV, Payment and Charging, Customer Experience, IMS, and VoLTE, constantly evolving his organization (managing up to 800+ engineers) into a service and software oriented culture.  A special achievement was the creation of a strong team of network security consultants and security solution integrators.  In 2005, given the infancy of the cybersecurity technology, his team developed a solution, based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) concepts, that was successfully implemented in 3 network operators throughout 2015.  The solution provided IP traffic control (offloading congested networks), implementing security policies against hackers, and prevented Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, to list a few applications.

During his current career in the telecommunication industry, Leandro keeps the focus on delivering mission critical networks throughout many corporate mergers and acquisitions.  He participated in the creation of Lucent Technologies from AT&T in 1997, the Alcatel and Lucent merger in 2007, and the Alcatel-Lucent acquisition by Nokia in 2016.  Leandro currently holds a corporate position in the Global Service Center at the Nokia’s Software Division.

Pauline Madriz ‘08 ‘11

Pauline Madriz is an Associate in the Global Markets division of SG Americas Securities and has been with Societe Generale since December 2011. Ms Madriz works within the Global Equity Flow Middle Office group as a trader's assistant where products such as Structured Notes linked to equities, OTC options, Swaps are traded. Ms. Madriz is also actively involved in the Leadership and Learning Committee of the American Women's Network (AWN) and the Black Leadership Network at Societe Generale.

Prior to joining the Middle Office team at SG, Ms. Madriz began her career on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs within their Fixed Income group as a Sales Assistant. Prior to her career on Wall Street, Pauline graduated from NYU Poly with an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering in '08 and masters in Financial Engineering '11.

During Ms. Madriz time at Polytechnic University she served as a Peer Counselor, Orientation Leader, academic adviser of NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) and a member of SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers). Pauline was also a member of the Polytechnic University Honors Program, recipient of the Society of American Military Engineers Award and an Exxon Mobil Corporate Scholar. Pauline is also a member of Sigma Iota Sigma Multicultural Sorority Delta Chapter and the Council of Urban Professionals.
Ms Madriz looks forward to bridging the gap between the Polytechnic community and the NYU Tandon community but most importantly serving the alumni.

James Taylor ‘71 ‘75 (HEIGHTS)

James A Taylor has worked at the IEEE since 1978. His current title is Enterprise Data Architect. His previous titles were Lead Business Database Analyst II, and Manager of Information Processing. In his current role, he is responsible for recommending and documenting the architecture for future projects. A large focus of which is the migration for on-premises systems into the cloud. In previous roles, he was responsible for the development of IEEE's legacy Conference Database System and was a member of the development team for its replacement, the IEEE Conference Exchange. He has experience as a Database Developer, Database Administrator, and Systems Programmer. He received a B.A. in Biology in 1971, and an M.S. in Engineering in 1975, both from NYU. He has two certifications, one as an Association Executive (CAE), and the other as a Scrum Master (CSM). He is Life Senior Member of IEEE, and a Member of ACM. He is an active alumnus, having served on the NYU Alumni Association Board and currently the NYU College of Arts and Science Alumni Board.

Statement of Intent:
If elected, I will dedicate time and energy to help the alumni board accomplish whatever projects that it deems important and to regularly attend all board meetings.

Howard Xia, Ph.D. ‘86  ‘88  ‘91

Since he received his post-graduate degrees from New York University Tandon School of Engineering (then known as Polytechnic University), Howard has been playing the roles of an engineer, a Corporate planner and a Corporate Executive for a few largest global Telecom operators over the last 25 years. Howard joined the then most promising mobile industry through Pacific Telesis, and subsequently its spin-off AirTouch, even four months before he officially received his Ph.D. from Poly in January 1991. As an engineer with RF expertise, Howard had chances to participate in a few key events in the industry which included the analog to digital transition in the US, 2G deployment in Europe and Asia, and 2G and 3G standard setting. Some of his works over this period have been published in a few highly influential papers which include the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society's 1993 Neal Shepherd Award for best paper. After the Vodafone and AirTouch merger in 1999, Howard became a Director of the Vodafone Group Technology Strategy engaged in 3G strategy and planning and the integration of the technology functions.

Howard was assigned to set up Vodafone’s presence in China in 2001 and had since managed its China operation and its strategic investment/divestment in China Mobile and the strategic partnership with China Mobile until 2014. He is fortunate to have a chance to witness and participate in the explosive growth of China’s mobile users to more than one billion, and even more exciting the rapid smart-phone penetration recently. As part of the China job, Howard, together with the Vodafone appointed Non-Executive Director, attended the China Mobile Limited (CML) Board meetings as a non-voting member until the divestment happened in 2010. Howard had also sat on the Board of ASPire, a mobile Internet Joint Venture between China Mobile/Vodafone/Merrill Lynch/HP, from 2005 to 2014. In April 2011, Howard joined the II-VI Incorporated Board as a Non-Executive Director and most recently chairs its Subsidiaries Committee. II-VI Inc., a NASDA listed company, is a vertically-integrated manufacturing company that creates and markets products for diversified markets including industrial manufacturing.