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Education at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering is focused on the development of thoughtful, well-rounded students who approach the professional world with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to succeed. Our technology-focused majors and programs are rooted in fundamentals and driven by our faculty’s passion to encourage students to achieve their best as they tackle new, complex challenges.

Many of our faculty members are industry leaders who provide an inside, real-world perspective that helps our students easily transition from the halls of academia to the labs, studios, and boardrooms where they’ll begin their careers.

Choosing a Major or Program

While you may enter the NYU School of Engineering with a major in mind, you are not required to choose a major before beginning your studies. You will have up to 3 semesters to determine your major, and you can use that time to explore departments more deeply and discuss your goals and ambitions with academic advisors. Until you decide, you will take the core course requirements that every student completes before graduating.

As you consider different majors, keep in mind that an NYU degree will provide you with a host of career options. In today’s marketplace, the skills you gain at the NYU School of Engineering will be as valuable in marketing, finance, and government as they will be in engineering or technology.

And if you're already thinking beyond your undergraduate degree, you may want to learn about our BS/MS Program which leads to the simultaneous award of a bachelor's and a master's degree in less time than it typically takes to complete both separately.