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Undergraduate Advisement

Academic Advisement Center

The mission of the Academic Advisement Center is to provide academic advising to Tandon undergraduate students on a range of topics — from major requirements to institute regulations to life-skills development.

The Academic Advisement Center refers students to appropriate campus resources for additional support and guidance in an effort to address any institute-related issues affecting them. In addition, academic advisers advocate for first-year students with the offices of the Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Financial Services, and Admissions, as well as other institute offices.

The Center also assists with the review of first-year students’ progress each semester to determine academic standing. Academic advisers make decisions regarding the Dean’s List, probation, and disqualification, and send notifications to the students and the respective academic offices and departments. Students are directed to meet regularly with their advisers to discuss academic progress and address questions concerning their academic standing.

You can make an appointment or drop in to see your academic adviser. Find out Who Is Your Undergraduate Adviser.

Academic Planner

Albert Academic Planner is a new, online tool that students and advisers can use collaboratively to plan students’ paths to graduation, term by term. 

You can watch training videos and find answers to frequently asked questions on the Academic Planner Guides on the Registrar’s website. Academic Planner is for planning purposes only; you should always speak with your adviser for additional guidance and approvals.

We encourage you to share your feedback with us by using the “Feedback” link within the Academic Planner.