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Program Structure

Summer Intensive

If you are a General Studies (GS) student, you must participate in either a six-week on-site or online pre-college summer intensive prior to the start of your first year, as determined by Admissions. If required to be on-site, students must successfully complete a six-week pre-college intensive at the School of Engineering in Brooklyn, NY. This pre-college summer program does not carry course credit but seeks to provide the science, math, and writing background to promote preparation for the full rigor of a School of Engineering education. The On-site program is mandatory and free of charge. Students are responsible for all non-summer course and textbook related expenses, including Summer Housing and calculators.  

The Online Summer Intensive, also mandatory and free of charge, requires that students successfully complete an online mathematics program during the summer prior to the fall semester. This online program does not carry course credit either but seeks to introduce students to or remind them of math concepts necessary for success at this challenging engineering institution.

Students do not need to register for either required Summer Intensive; the appropriate On-site or Online courses will be added to their schedules by the GS Program. The Summer Intensive to which the student has been assigned by Admissions can be found in the student's formal acceptance letter.

  • On-Site: For six-weeks in the summer before your first year, you will learn how to navigate the hallways of the School of Engineering and bond with your peers while facing an intense academic schedule, which includes tutoring, writing consultant sessions, group meetings, and individual advisement sessions, designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to meet the challenges of the School of Engineering curriculum and make a smooth transition to college life. The following is a brief description of the courses you must complete during the On-site Summer Intensive:

GS-UY 101 Computer Skills for Engineers

Course focuses on the basic functions and intricacies of AutoCAD, MATLAB, Microsoft Word, Excel, Project, and PowerPoint. Course requirements consist of weekly lab assignments, a midterm, final, and an individual project synthesizing the course content.

GS-UY 102 Pre-College Writing

Course is designed to prepare students for writing at the collegiate level. Class time is composed of reading and writing exercises, grammar quizzes and lessons, and a close examination of student writing (workshops).

GS-UY 103 Pre-College Math

Course focuses on preparing students for the Introduction to Pre-calculus course. Course requirements consist of daily participation, weekly quizzes, daily homework assignments, a midterm, and final exam.

GS-UY 106 Pre-College Physics

Course introduces the foundational concepts and laws of physics and their connection to the engineering disciplines. Course requirements consist of daily participation, weekly quizzes, daily homework assignments and a midterm and final exam.

  • Online: For four to six weeks in the summer before your first year, you will face an intense online mathematics regimen designed to refresh or introduce the mathematics topics necessary to meet the challenges of the School of Engineering curriculum and make a smooth transition to college life. Virtual interaction with instructors and peers is a must.

Fall Semester

After successfully completing the summer on-site or online intensive, you will begin your first year of studies in the fall semester alongside other the School of Engineering students. A sample schedule includes Expository Writing, Math, Chemistry, Engineering and Technology Forum, and an Introduction to Major course for a total of 13 to 15 credits; your schedule and credit load would depend on the number of credits recommended per semester for your major. Expository Writing and Math courses are based on placement exam results. Additionally, you are required to attend weekly tutorial sessions and take up to two pass/fail GS courses dedicated to enhancing time management and study skills. Academic progress is monitored by the GS staff via weekly advisement sessions.

Spring Semester

You may take a full load of up to 18 credits if you have satisfactorily completed your first semester of studies. Courses to be taken will be determined in consultation with you and your GS Advisor. Tutoring and advisement sessions are also required in the spring semester.

Requirements to Enter a Major/Program

At the end of the first year, you must achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of “C,” or 2.0, and must complete a minimum of 24 credits in order to remain at the School of Engineering. If you successfully complete your first year according to the above-set standards and meet published programmatic requirements, you will be transferred to the departmental advisor for your major.