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Through partnership with the FITL Center, Tandon faculty and staff actively engage their students by implementing technology-enhanced teaching materials and methods. Past projects of this kind have ranged from developing instructional videos to implementing mobile in-class polling, gamified learning, and more.

Faculty Tech Profile Series

Building Relationships and Engagement with Technology in Environmental Sciences: Diane Dittrick

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Transitioning from SRS Hardware to Software in the Chemistry Classroom: Janice Aber & Bruce Garetz

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SRS in the Calculus Classroom: Hanna Ulman

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Teaching & Learning Projects

General Engineering

Jack Bringardner has developed 3 instructional videos as part of a "flipped lab" initiative in EG-UY 1003

  Instructional Videos

Civil Engineering

Documentation of a bridge design experiment in Larry Chiarelli's CE-UY 4523 course 

  Classroom Demonstrations
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Janice Aber has created 4 lab safety and procedure videos for students taking CM-UY 1004

  Lab Procedures

TRIO Scholars Program

ShawnTina Harrod translated in-person workshops to self-paced online packages for TRIO Scholars

 Online Workshops

FITL Application Development


The Tracker application project began 2012 out of a need to automate some of the manual data tracking and analysis of tutoring activities in the TRIO Scholars Program. It is continually enhanced and is actively used by TRIO students, tutors, and program staff.

Pre-registration Tutorial

This award-winning online tutorial uses a fun, gamified approach to prepare incoming first-year students for the process of registering for classes. Developed in partnership with the Academic Advisement Center, the tutorial is released to these students each June.

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