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J-Term and Summer Abroad

Because a lot of the degree plans within the School of Engineering require students to adhere to a strict four-year plan, it might not always be in your best interest to study abroad during the fall or the spring terms. If this is the case but you want to participate in an international experience prior to graduation, you may want to look into studying abroad somewhere over a January term or a summer term.

When choosing to go abroad over the summer, it is important to realize that January-term abroad and summer abroad work differently than fall and spring terms abroad in terms of both the financial and academic implications.

NYU January Term Abroad

Through January Term study away programs, you can earn up to 4 credits toward your degree while studying in a global engagement course with NYU faculty.  Several schools of NYU offer undergraduate-level courses outside of New York, and some courses are taught at the graduate level and allow upper-level undergraduates (96+ earned credits) to enroll with permission of instructor and advisor.  Feel free to explore these offerings and discuss them with your academic advisor. 

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NYU Shanghai and NYU Abu Dhabi also offer J-term coursework. As these are degree granting campuses, they have may have different application processes and deadlines. Visit their websites for more information:

NYU Abu Dhabu January Term
NYU Shanghai January Term

NYU Summer Abroad

Some schools of NYU offer specialized guided courses abroad at the different NYU abroad sites while other schools offer courses at external sites. For example, you can study Urban Design through the NYU College of Arts and Sciences at NYU London in the United Kingdom or you can study Latin American Social/Cultural Issues through the Silver School of Social Work in Costa Rica. Each year brings different course options.

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Students will have to work directly with the school-based office that offers your program of choice, and they can answer your questions directly. Space is limited and some programs fill early. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to add an intensive, unforgettable global component to your degree.

Note: NYU Abu Dhabi doesn't open it's summer courses to non-NYUAD students.

Global E3 Summer Abroad

Different member institutions of the Global Education Engineering Exchange ( allow students from other GE3 schools to participate in their summer course offerings. Although different schools offer different courses each year some past examples include Engineering for Sustainability at the Munich University of Applied Sciences in Germany, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in Israel, and Industrial Design at KAIST - Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology in South Korea.

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Note: Summer 2017 courses are now available
Summer 2018 courses will be added February 2018

Important Financial Information

All tuition, fees, housing, travel, and other incidental costs must be covered entirely by the student. NYU offers summer financial aid (application available mid February of each spring term) but this aid can only apply towards NYU Summer Abroad courses.

Summer Grant through the Office of Undergraduate Academics: Application Form - must be submitted by May 1st prior to each summer term for consideration. Will only be considered towards NYU courses taken during the summer months.