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Undergraduate Only

Undergraduate and Graduate

Graduate Only


Course Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form (Undergraduate & Graduate)

Enroll into or drop/withdraw from a School of Engineering course when you cannot do so online for special circumstances. This form may be used for audit requests (graduate students) and variable credit course permission (undergraduate and graduate students). Note, however, that most enrollments should be processed via NYU Albert Student Center. Exceptions such as enrollment into closed classes or the waiving of course pre- or co-requisites can be processed by registering in Albert Student Center with a permission number obtained from the pertinent department. Advisor signature is required when submitting this form, which can be handed in to the School of Engineering One-Stop Service window in Dibner 201 or at 25 West 4th Street.

Credit Limit Override

Full-time undergraduate students may register for 12-18 credits (all credits in excess of 18 are charged at the per credit rate). Graduate students may register for a maximum of 11 credits.
Credit ‘overloads’ are approved on a case-by-case basis and dependent upon a student’s academic performance. Students who wish to appeal for overload must submit a Credit Limit Overload Form to the Office of Undergraduate/Graduate Academics Affairs. The form must be signed first by the department adviser. If ‘overload’ permission is granted, the completed form must be submitted to the School of Engineering Office of Records and Registration in Dibner Building Rooms LC 260, 262, or 264 for processing. The Office of Records and Registration will adjust the student’s maximum credit load, allowing the student to enroll for the approved credit amount online via NYU Albert Student Center.

Disqualification Appeal (Undergraduate)

Appeal your academic disqualification from the School of Engineering. Your appeal must include an essay explaining the reason(s) for the appeal and must be approved by your academic adviser and the Director of Academic Affairs.

Permission to Complete Courses at an Exchange Site (Undergraduate)

Get permission to study abroad at a Global E3 institution or a School of Engineering Exchange site. You must receive permission from your advisor and obtain equivalent course information from the corresponding the School of Engineering Department(s) and your major academic advisor.

NYU Study Away Course Equivalency Form (Undergraduate)

Maintain documentation of the equivalencies of any courses taken abroad at an NYU Study Away site. This form will indicate what the courses taken abroad will count as in terms of your degree plan. For example, a free elective, a Level 2 CAM course, or Physics II.

NYU Course Equivalency Form (Undergraduate)

Maintain documentation of the equivalencies of any courses taken at another school of New York University including the College of Arts & Sciences, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, Stern School of Business, etc. This form will indicate what the course completed at another school will count as for the completion of your degree.

Note: students are allowed to transfer a maximum of 4 courses completed outside of the School of Engineering towards their degree requirements.

Permission to Complete Courses Outside of Tandon (Undergraduate)
Get permission to take a class at another college or university for transfer credit. You must complete this form BEFORE you enroll in the course by receiving permission from your adviser and obtaining equivalent course information from the corresponding the School of Engineering Department. This then must get approval from the Office of Academic Affairs.
Request for Adjustment of Degree Requirements (Undergraduate)

Request a particular course of action to complete a stated degree requirement, for example by replacing one required course with another similar course. In consultation with your academic adviser, you will complete the form which will then need to be approved by the Assocaite Dean of Academic Affairs.

Request to Register for MAINT-UY 4747 (Undergraduate)

Enroll in MAINT-UY 4747 – Maintenance of Matriculation. If you have finished your courses, but still need time to complete other academic requirements, e.g., theses, projects, or incomplete grades, you may want to enroll in MAINT-UY 4747 – Maintenance of Matriculation in order to maintain your status as a matriculated student at the School of Engineering, which is required to graduate from the university. To enroll, you will write an essay explaining why you were unable to complete your work in the time allotted. Your request must be approved by your academic adviser and the Dean of Undergraduate Academics.

Request to Declare/Change Major (Undergraduate)

Declare or change a major to your degree program. Students will complete the minor application form on Albert Student center, following these instructions.

Time Conflict Approval Form (Undergraduate & Graduate)

As per the School of Engineering policy, enrolling for two courses with overlapping meeting times is prohibited. Leaving a class early or arriving late is disruptive to the instructor and other students in the class. Such time conflicts also jeopardize a student’s academic success in a class. This form is only to be used if a student, with the agreement of their adviser and course instructors, believes that extenuating circumstances warrant an exception to this rule. Please attach a signed Drop/Add form with the signed Time Conflict Approval form and submit BOTH forms to the School of Engineering Office of Records and Registration in LC 260, 262, or 264 for consideration.

Time Limit Extension Appeal (Undergraduate)

Get an extension to complete your degree beyond the 8-year time limit. If you do not complete your degree requirements within the 8-year time limit, you must complete this form in order to be allowed to finish your degree at the School of Engineering. You must write an essay explaining why you were not able to finish your degree within the allotted time. Your academic adviser will review the form and fill out the course(s) that you must complete in order to graduate. The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs will make the final approval.

Total Withdrawal (Undergraduate & Graduate)

Students who intend to withdraw from their program at the School of Engineering must submit a Total Withdrawal request via NYU Albert Student Center. Requests must be approved by the Office of Academic Affairs (undergraduate) or the Office of Graduate Academics (graduate). If an enrolled student totally withdraws from the School of Engineering prior to the Withdrawal Deadline, s/he will receive W grades. Mere absence from courses does not constitute official withdrawal, and failure to submit the appropriate forms by the published deadline will result in F grades for courses not completed.

Waiver of Co-Requisite Withdrawal

Students who are withdrawing from a course (dropping a course after the add/drop deadline) that requires a co-requisite should complete this form if they are dropping only one course in a co-requisite group. This form should accompany the Drop/Add Form, and must be submitted to the School of Engineering Office of Records and Registration in LC 260, 262, or 264 for processing.