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Half of the world’s population today lives in cities. That percentage is predicted to increase in the coming years, though natural resources aren’t expected to keep pace. The discrepancy between the two forecasts has caused wide concern, with sustainable urban growth becoming an increasingly important area of study and action.

The School of Engineering's BS in Sustainable Urban Environments program prepares you to join scholars, policymakers, and the global community as they work to nurture urban areas. The Sustainable Urban Environments program is a rare combination of liberal arts and technology, combining offerings in a way that will ensure that you are conversant with both the technical and social aspects of sustainability facing our cities.


SUE class trip to preservation lab at Municipal Archives

SUE class trip to preservation lab at Municipal Archives

Set in one of the world’s largest cities, our program offers a natural laboratory to examine the effects of financial capitalism, skyscraper construction, or transit management on a globalizing city. New York City and its environs also showcase some of the most innovative responses to runaway urban growth — be they eco-friendly buildings or creative approaches to economic development — and our students take full advantage of opportunities to study such solutions.

Directed studies and capstone projects provide students with essential experience in conducting and presenting research at public forums within the School of Engineering. By the program’s end, our graduates are prepared to enter various environmental fields, including urban planning and design. They also find opportunities in social work, government, education, and museums.

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