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How has the decision to patent human genes affected intellectual property law, privacy issues, and therapeutic research in medicine? How did an international community transform a military research project into the Internet we use today?

Interdisciplinary and Flexible

Answering these and related questions requires a firm foundation in science and engineering on the one hand, and humanities and social sciences on the other. Following individualized courses of study and collaboration with faculty mentors, Science and Technology Studies majors dig beneath the headlines to understand the relations among science, technology, and society.

STS Student Dany Mawad working on genome mutation at Mount Sinai hospital

STS Student Dany Mawad working on genome mutation at Mount Sinai hospital

Science and Technology Studies (STS) is a hybrid discipline devoted to understanding the reciprocal interactions between science and technology  and other social and cultural practices. The STS major has many more tracks into professional life than standard disciplines. Students interested in going into industry or government will find their training and education prepares them for management and policy positions. It can be a pathway to the classical professions of law and medicine, or to a career in other science studies disciplines, notably history, philosophy, anthropology, and sociology of science. 

Foundation for the Future

  • There are more than twice the number of applicants to medical schools as there are available seats. The MCAT exam, for entrance into medical school, is expanding its scope, and students will be expected to understand more than the science of medicine. Using Science and Technology Studies as a prehealth degree gives you the flexibility to do just that.
  • For students heading to law school, Science and Technology Studies is an attractive prelaw option. Lawyers with expertise in science or engineering are in demand to practice cases with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Lawyers are also increasingly asked to deal with scientific and technical matters in their practice, and the STS degree helps students prepare to understand and explain technical matters that come before them.

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