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Goals and Objectives:

  • Command of core areas in both pure and applied mathematics, including but not limited to real and complex analysis, linear algebra, ordinary and partial differential equations.
  • Mastery of a particular applied or engineering field and how mathematics is used in that field.
  • Readiness for a variety of career options following graduation, including, but not limited to graduate study in applied mathematics, engineering, medicine, as well as professional careers in consulting, business & finance, and technology.


The Tandon B.S. in Mathematics program is designed to provide a student with the knowledge and skills needed to both start a career in a mathematically-oriented field and adapt easily to changes in both the field and one’s career directions. The program has the following components:

  • A core set of required fundamental mathematics courses
  • Mathematics electives
  • A cohesive set of courses that focus on a particular field of engineering or applied science. The student works together with their advisor to choose these courses appropriately.

Students must complete 121 credits, as defined below, to graduate from the NYU Tandon School of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Please note that the curriculum that follows applies to students who begin classes in the Fall of 2017 or later.  For students who enter the NYU Tandon School of Engineering prior to that date, please refer to the bulletin website: curriculum and typical course schedule for students entering prior to Fall 2017.

The NYU Tandon School of Engineering also offers a Physics and Mathematics, B.S. which is a dual major in both subjects. 

Required Courses

Core Mathematics Requirements (41 Credits)




Other Required Courses (28 Credits)


Math Electives (9 Credits)

Students should select three math elective courses totaling at least 9 credits.

Other Electives (28 Credits)

  • Students are required to take 16 credits in the humanities and social sciences. Note: EXPOS-UA 1 and EXPOS-UA 2 do not count toward the Humanities and Social Sciences Elective requirement of 16 credits.
  • 12 credits are reserved for free electives, with advisor’s approval.

Engineering Component (15 Credits)

Students should select five engineering courses totaling at least 15 credits in Engineering Components. The Engineering Component of the B.S. in Mathematics Program must be in at least one of the following disciplines:

  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Interdisciplinary components involving two or more of the fields above will be considered. The courses comprising a math major’s engineering component must be approved in advance by an official Mathematics Department advisor.

Sample engineering courses in Engineering Components are listed under the TYPICAL COURSE SCHEDULE section.

Total: 121 Credits


Minor in Mathematics

Students may obtain a minor in mathematics by taking 15 credits of mathematics courses. 8 credits of which are in addition to the major department’s requirement in mathematics and must include


At least 6 of these 8 credits must be taken by students while enrolled at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

Dual Major in Mathematics and Physics

You may also pursue a dual major in mathematics and physics. Advisers from both the mathematics and physics programs must approve specific course requirements for the 128-credit degree.