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Mathematics forms the backbone of many scientific fields. It provides the theory and methods essential to understanding the fundamentals of such areas as physics, engineering, and computer science. With a firm grasp of mathematics, you’ll have the widest possible base from which to launch explorations of related disciplines.

The School of Engineering's BS in Mathematics program prepares you for success. Our students benefit not only from a full spectrum of math courses but from hands-on experience in the real world. We provide this through unique internship opportunities at organizations such as MIT Lincoln Laboratories, Verizon, Credit Suisse First Boston, New York Hall of Science, and the CIA.

Our students have the freedom to pursue varied and exciting careers, math majors can become software designers, biostatisticians, industrial engineers, imaging scientists, aerospace mathematicians, and economists. Today, mathematicians find rewarding work in a wide range of companies, including investment banks and government organizations like the National Security Agency.

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