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Chemistry plays a role in almost everything we experience around us: our air, our clothing, our food, and the medicine in our bodies. Because of this, chemists are contributing to increasingly specialized disciplines. But before chemists can specialize, they first need to learn the basics. The School of Engineering's MS program in Chemistry gives you that foundation. You will learn about subjects ranging from statistical thermodynamics to organic spectroscopy. Along the way, our respected faculty offers you guidance as you conduct investigative research and experiments.

Whatever your intended career path, we provide the tools for success. Some students choose to pursue advanced doctoral studies after the program. Others seek work at educational institutions, research institutes, industrial organizations, or government laboratories. For those already employed in a chemistry-related institution, exposure to the latest advances and practices in the field gives you the confidence and skills to climb ahead, and even perform at the mid-managerial level of the chemical industry or at other organizations involved in chemistry-related work.