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Bridge to NYU Tandon Programs

Meredith Mante Bridge Program Student Testimonial Pic

- Meredith Mante
Computer Science Bridge

"The Bridge Program provided me the opportunity to learn the fundamentals that are required for graduate study in the field, even though my undergraduate degree is in Psychology. Over the course of the program, I improved my knowledge of C++ and learned important concepts in Data Structures, Computer Architecture and Operating Systems. The small class size and supportive, excellent professors made the Bridge Program a very rewarding experience for me. The program is truly unique in offering students from diverse academic backgrounds a pathway to pursuing an M.S. in Computer Science at NYU Tandon."



Yin Mei Bridge Program Student Testimonial Pic

- Yin Mei
Computer Science Bridge

"I'm so grateful to have accepted this challenging opportunity to be a part of the NYU Computer Science Bridge Program this summer. This ambitious program is the dream crash course for anyone thirsting to understand what fundamentals are necessary to tackle computer science, degree or not. I highly recommend this course to the dedicated individual seeking a deeper level of understanding for what they don't know (yet) in a short frame of time."