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Bridge Student Resources

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Academic Calendar

Please see below for important dates related to the Bridge course.



Start Date

Deadline Date

End Date

Spring 2018





Summer 2018





Fall 2018





Winter 2019





Winter 2019





Deferral Rules

Please see below the rules that apply to Bridge to Tandon students regarding the deferral of your admission and enrollment:

  • Prior to the Bridge course beginning, admitted students:
    • Can only defer their admission once
    • Can defer their admission at any time for a max of up to 1 year
    • May switch their admission to a different course duration in the same semester or defer to a future course offering within 1 year of the admitted semester
  • Once the bridge course has begun, students:
    • Cannot switch their enrollment to a course running during the same semester
    • May defer to a future course offering and can choose either course duration for this offering
    • Can only defer their enrollment once
  • Deferments coming once the course has begun must be submitted within:
    • 2 weeks, or 14 days, from the first day of the course for the 17-week course
    • 4 weeks, or 28 days, from the first day of the course for the 24-week course
    • *Students pursuing this option will not have to reapply for the future semester, but will have to confirm they wish to enroll again once admission letters for the new semester are sent out
  • Students deferral requests coming after the first two/four weeks will be considered withdrawals
    • Students withdrawing from the course will be liable for the full tuition cost of the course
    • Students withdrawing from the course will have to submit a new application if they wish to enroll in the course in the future. Applicants taking this option will be considered again with no guarantee of admission
  • All deferral and enrollment switch requests must be submitted in writing to the NYU Tandon Online team via email at


Prior to enrolling in your Bridge course, you will receive access and complete our NYU Tandon Online orientation course. We’ve designed this course to guide you through the experience of your upcoming Bridge course. This course will provide you the information about the many resources, opportunities, and networks available to you as an online learner. Course content will be presented asynchronously, in which you will be able to complete this orientation anytime and on any device. There will be opportunities to interact with your incoming students and begin to build the community which will accompany you through your Bridge program. 

What will you learn:

  • How to activate your user accounts and get started
  • How to access your online courses, submit assignments, attend a webinar and more
  • Tips and strategies to help you succeed as an online learner
  • The array of resources available to online students (library services, academic advising, career services, tutoring and more)

Student Support

We are committed to providing you with a full team of support throughout your Bridge experience. To do so, we’ve collected the contact information and resources you can utilize as a student on the Student Support Page.