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Online Programs

NYU Tandon Online, The Online Learning Unit offers a variety of graduate degrees in science, technology, engineering and management. Our award winning platform will provide you access to the same quality of education here on-campus from your PC, laptop, tablet or cellphone. Explore our programs to learn more about our world-renowned graduate degrees.  

Master's Degrees Online

NYU Tandon Online’s Master of Science programs provide you with the same rigorous approach to learning as you would experience as a student on our campus. With semesters offered in fall, spring and summer, you can complete your degree as early as a year and a half. 


Bioinformatics, MS

Cybersecurity, MS

Industrial Engineering, MS

Management of Technology, MS

Advanced Certificates Online

Comprised of four or five graduate courses, an advanced certificate is a formal degree that allows you to focus on key areas of your industry without the full commitment of a master’s degree. Courses taken can be transferred towards any qualifying Master’s Degree at NYU School of Engineering.


Bioinformatics, AC

Bridge Program

Bridge Program

Created for individuals with non-engineering backgrounds, the program provides the tools needed to be admitted into select graduate-level programs at the School of Engineering.