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Selection Process

Criteria for Admission

The Honors Program has a referral-only admissions process. Selected individuals who are admitted to the Tandon School of Engineering as first-year students will be automatically selected by the NYU Undegraduate Admissions Office and referred to the Tandon Honors Program.

Preference is given to students with outstanding high school GPA and SAT scores. However, files are reviewed in a comprehensive manner and other important criteria are given serious consideration. Among these are the difficulty of course work (AP courses), written submissions such as the personal statement, receipt of prizes and awards, leadership positions, participation in academic clubs, and evidence of self-discipline and persistence as confirmed in the letters of recommendation.

Students who were not referred to the Honors Program at the time of their initial application to the university are not eligible for the program. Transfer students are not eligible for the Honors Program. No applications or appeals can be submitted.

For further information on this process, contact the NYU Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 212-998-4500 or