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Program Requirements

Students admitted to the School of Engineering's Honors Program are required to satisfy the following requirements in order to remain in the Honors Program:

  • Maintain a minimum required cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) as indicated below:
    Freshman year 3.5
    Sophomore year 3.5
    Junior year 3.4
    Senior year 3.4

  • Earn minimum credits by the end of each academic year as indicated below:
    Freshman year: 32
    Sophomore year: 64
    Junior year: 96
    Senior year: 128

  • Successfully complete a Bachelors Thesis: As part of fulfilling the requirements for the School of Engineering's Honors Program, and to successfully graduate with the Honors Program distinction indicated on the student's transcript, all students in the program must complete a Bachelors Thesis in their junior or senior year of study at the Institute that successfully satisfies their department’s standards. To satisfy this requirement, students typically register for a minimum of 3 credits of BS thesis which is usually independent study under the guidance of a faculty member. Upon completion of the research and writing of the BS thesis, students are required to submit a bound thesis as outlined in the guidelines for preparing BS thesis, available from the Office of Academic Affairs. The Bachelors Thesis is a distinct requirement of the Honors Program and is independent of a student’s major degree requirements. In nearly all cases, however, credits earned towards completion of the thesis may count towards satisfying a student’s academic degree requirements as technical, free or departmental electives. Students should consult their academic adviser to discuss their individual situation. Honors Program students pursuing a BS/MS program will only need to submit a Masters Thesis to satisfy this requirement.

At the end of each semester each Honors Program student's academic record is reviewed and if his/her cumulative GPA is below the minimum required as outlined above, the student will be placed on one semester probation in order to improve his/her academic standing. After the one-semester probationary period, if the student's GPA is still below the minimum requirements, the student will be dismissed from the Honors Program and lose any special benefits of the Honors Program. Students dismissed from the Honors Program will retain any other the School of Engineering scholarship offered at the time of admission into the university, so long as they meet the institutional requirements needed to maintain those scholarships. The student is responsible for contacting the School of Engineering's Financial Aid Office for up to date financial aid and scholarship requirements.