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We live and work in an increasingly knowledge-intensive age. Today and tomorrow’s managers need to understand how technology and innovation are essential for delivering value to organizations and the marketplace. The Department of Technology Management and Innovation is the premier learning, research, and development hub in the New York City/Tri-State region explicitly devoted to the increasingly critical arenas of innovation, information, and technology management.

Our department offers pace-setting bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD programs, as well as advanced certificates, focused on innovation and technology management in the modern knowledge economy. We are committed to wisely integrating technology into all of our educational programs to enhance the learning process for our students.

Our faculty and students conduct high-quality, relevant research and development. Our research and development is varied, including scholarly books and articles in the most respected journals, and timely, instructive case studies.

The Department of Technology Management and Innovation at the School of Engineering represents a major gateway and opportunity for those aiming to be successful in to the emerging knowledge-intensive and technology-demanding business environment that characterizes almost all sectors of the today and tomorrow’s economy.

The Department of Technology Management and Innovation is an interdisciplinary group that studies various aspects of technology and innovation - strategic, behavioral, organizational and social. Some specific streams of research and sub-topics include:

  • Global innovation and R&D strategy - Managing emerging technologies - Technology and development - Service design and innnovation - Tech entrepreneurship and commercialization - Sustainable and clean-tech innovation
  • Impacts of information technology upon individuals, organizations and society - Citizen science - Social computing - Open source - Business model innovation - Pervasive information services
  • Sociological aspects of technology and work - Communicative practices - Distributed collaboration and virtual teams - Knowledge management - Leading Distributed and Virtual Organizations - Project Management

Department Chair: Bharat Rao