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Each year we head deeper into the 21st century, more complex challenges reveal themselves. Solving them will require a new breed of thinkers. It will require taking intellectual risks and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Mechanical engineers will need to work with biochemists, physicists and telecommunication experts to develop biosensors that wirelessly transmit environmental test results. Digital media artists will need to work with information technologists, doctors and civil engineers to create the hospital of the future. Computer scientists, mathematicians and electrical engineers will need to work together to produce a supercomputer to run the new power grid.

At the School of Engineering, academics are focused on cultivating students’ research, thinking and problem-solving skills so that they can be members of such teams. Our rigorous coursework is built on the fundamentals; hands-on projects promote active learning. Freedom to experiment with new solutions and unconventional approaches allows students to enter their profession or go on to an advanced degree program with confidence and unmatched experience.