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Student Opportunities

The MakerSpace

If our students can dream it, they can make it, test it, and refine it! Our bi-level, 10,000-square-foot MakerSpace features an array of 3D printers, laser cutters, scanners, plastic injection machines, circuit board makers, water jet cutters, filament extruders, electrodynamic shakers, virtual reality equipment, and even a drone cage.

VIP Program

We want all of our students to be VIPs.

At Tandon, students get a chance to take part in long-term, multidisciplinary ventures with real societal impact, thanks to our Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program.

VIP was created so that learning isn’t fragmented into years, semesters,
or class periods, and scholarship isn’t slotted into rigid disciplinary silos.
It aims to encourage the type of in-depth learning that keeps students engaged and improves career preparation.

Current Projects:

The ReprintBot, a proposed all-in-one system that will, when fully developed, allow users to recycle used plastic bottles to make 3D printing filament and then use the filament, which will be coiled and stored right in the unit, to print an item.

Vertical Farming, for which students will use their knowledge of automation, biology, and waste-derived energy generation to develop high-efficiency growing methods that can be scaled up to meet demand.

Soft Robotics, which will require participants to develop the soft, deformable components crucial in robotic systems that deal with uncertain and dynamic task environments like grasping and manipulating unknown objects, locomotion in rough terrains, and physical contact with living cells and human bodies.

Smart Cities Technology, a collaboration with the Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP), the Rudin Center for Transportation, and the Urban Future Lab that will focus on the vital issues of air pollution, water quality, food access, energy use, electric-autonomous vehicles, and public transportation.