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Tandon's 10-Point Plan

Dean Katepalli Sreenivasan leaves us with the following 10-point plan for further growth and evolution that will be a blueprint for years to come.

1. Continue the trajectory of success and high caliber of research in our established centers and institutes, and in the coming years launch at least four to six world-class research centers aimed at addressing important global problems.

2. With many of our students eligible for Pell Grants and the first in their families to attend college — and with average SAT scores very high and on the rise — continue to attract academically strong and diverse students, expand their vision, provide resources to ensure their academic and career success, and help them find suitable jobs.

3. Design and build a more innovative, hands-on, interdisciplinary curriculum (including online offerings) with a focus on entrepreneurship and leadership, on the basis of the momentum and success of programs such as Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP), which allows students to participate in multi-year research-active projects that involve others throughout NYU and NYC.

4. Leverage NYU’s reach as a major research university to provide interschool, interdisciplinary, and global learning opportunities at our campuses in Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, and other locations around the world and encourage upper-level Tandon students to take advantage of a unique exchange program that allows them to enroll at international partner institutions, in courses that will be accepted for transfer credit and count toward their engineering degrees.

5. Fuel a culture of technology and entrepreneurship among faculty and students that includes participation in our Future Labs as employees, consultants, and engineers-in-residence; our many contests like InnoVention, which encourage students to prototype and turn their ideas into reality; and programs like NSF I-Corps, meant to take research from the lab bench to real-world application.

6. Partner effectively for technological and social impact, drawing upon existing templates such as the NYU WIRELESS industry affiliates program, which gives partner companies access to NYU research and talent while providing students with internship and employment opportunities, equipment, and support.

7. Continue to invest in services and facilities, an especially noteworthy endeavor in light of the resounding success of our new MakerSpace, which allows students to take their concepts from the ideation stage to actual prototype, and the exciting renovation of 370 Jay Street.

8. Acknowledge the strength and experience of our School of Engineering grads by deepening and fostering alumni engagement, with mentorship opportunities, chances to network, family-friendly events, and more.

9. Spread the word about Tandon so that the whole world knows of our commitment to placing technology in service to society, our students’ determination to improve the world, and our researchers’ progress in fields like cybersecurity, 5G communications, robotics, bioengineering, transportation, Big Data, and more.

10. Take steps to ensure that Tandon continues to climb until it is officially ranked among the top engineering schools in the nation and the world, based on the solid accomplishments of our high caliber faculty, students, staff, alumni, programs, departments, and facilities.