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Why Give

At NYU Tandon School of Engineering, we invent, teach, innovate and then apply discoveries to real world scenarios. Our students, faculty, and alumni recognize that the technological landscape is ever-changing and the need for i2e – invention, innovation and entrepreneurship – is as great as ever.

The power of i2e is positioning us as a preeminent global technology institute for the 21st century. With this comes the need to attract the best students and faculty, as well as develop an up-to-date physical infrastructure to support their daily work in Brooklyn and around the world. We must provide opportunities for our students to get hands-on research experience, and for faculty members to be educators in the classroom, while also having the time and resources to dedicate to their inventions and entrepreneurial efforts.

NYU Tandon School of Engineering faculty and students address global issues through innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit. We approach academics and research in a fundamentally new way by arming faculty and students with the tools, resources and inspiration to turn their research into applications, products and services that live on as faculty- and student-owned companies. The story of i2e – invention, innovation and entrepreneurship – starts in the classroom, grows in the laboratory, responds to real-world needs and comes to life in the marketplace.

Your generosity perpetuates i2e, allowing for its rapid growth. Please make your gift today in support of these efforts. You can give online.