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A Guide for Corporations and Foundations

Our goal is to build and maintain comprehensive partnerships with corporations and foundations to accomplish our mission of raising funds for the school.

Popular partnership areas with corporations and foundations include:

  • Named Scholarships and Fellowships – Brand your company to hundred of potential hires and meet your scholars annually.
  • K-12 STEM - Our initiatives serve demographic groups traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields and careers.
  • Diversity initiatives – Of the non-historically black colleges and universities, we rank #2 as the best college for minorities. Our strong programs enable our student body and faculty to be successful.
  • Corporate affiliate programs – Engage in a specific department within the school through hiring, research, and employee engagement.
  • Research – We are developing cutting-edge solutions among our faculty and students.
  • Capstone projects – Build a pipeline of talent and engage your employees while solving a business dilemma.

For additional information on these opportunities and more, please contact:

office: 646-997-4108